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To get the most out of an active holiday you need the right kind of clothing and equipment.

For many of us the balance of our time spent outside of working hours, or on those occasions when we are not with family or looking after our homes, is devoted to health and fitness. What better way to combine vacation time and an interest in all things fitness than to take an active holiday?

An activity holiday is good for you in so many ways. Staying fit and healthy has been clinically shown to ease stress and help improve our mental agility. Combine those qualities with being in the great outdoors, away from a typical work or home environment, and you have a winning formula for a vacation that will leave you refreshed and ready for whatever challenges work or home life throw at you.

Before you get away from it all on an active holiday there is essential gear you will need to pack:

Sunscreen: Protection from the elements is essential on any holiday spent in the outdoors. Wear a sunscreen factor that is appropriate to your skin type. Read the SPF number on the bottle to determine how well it protects against ultraviolet B, or UVB rays. So, for example, if you expect to experience sunburn within 10 minutes, a SPF 10 would extend that period out by ten times. Ultraviolet A, or UVA, protection is another essential ingredient in any sunscreen. Water resistance is a plus, especially for those undertaking water-based activities on holiday. Bear in mind, however, that these types of sunscreen products are not waterproof as such but they will stay effective for longer than other types of sunscreen. Remember always to reapply sunscreen a few times during the day.

Footwear Choosing suitable shoes for an activity vacation depends on the type of activities you plan on doing. A hiking holiday or one that requires time spent in the mountains calls for a sturdy, and water-proof, pair of hiking boots. For those planning on tackling glaciers, boots that are compatible for use with crampons are a must. Hiking boots are also useful for paragliding because of the extra ankle support when landing. Comfort is essential so even it is just a straightforward pair of trainers you are after seek advice from a specialist footwear retailer before you go on holiday.

Clothing: Pack clothes to suit the activities you plan on doing. You might be heading for a sunny climate but a waterproof jacket is a very useful item to have, especially if you plan on doing any high-mountain trekking. Foldaway jackets are readily available to purchase and take up little room in luggage or a bag used during the day. Thermals are a must-have for mountain or skiing holidays and remember to pack fleeces and or sweaters. Even in warmer climates, the evenings and/or early mornings can be cool so you will need to layer your clothes to stay warm. Always pack a hat or cap to keep the sun from burning your head and neck area.

A rucksack: Rucksacks come in many different sizes and the size you choose depends to a considerable extent on what you plan on doing with it. The type of activity holiday where you are on the move day-to-day calls for a larger rucksack that will carry all your essentials and a few extras besides. Alternatively, if you are going to be based in the one spot a smaller rucksack suitable for day trips is going to be the more appropriate choice. In either case, you will need a bag that is comfortable, so adjustable back and chest straps are essential. Easily accessible pockets and compartments are useful also. Imaging having to root around in the bottom of your bag for your camera as that must-have photo opportunity quickly passes by.

Compression clothing: Copper wear, such as the TC brand , is another essential for activities in the outdoors. Compression clothing works by relieving muscle and joint aches and pains. Accelerating recovery time between activities is important especially when you are on an adventure holiday. You want to get the most out of an active holiday and experiencing aches and pains is the last thing you will want to happen. Copper wear from Tommy Copper blends high-quality cotton with anti-odor and moisture wicking qualities for additional comfort during whatever activity you are undertaking.

Try to reach a reasonable level of fitness before you set off on an activity vacation, that, combined with the right gear, will ensure you get the most out of your experience.

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