Ripple, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, has unexpectedly become a trending subject. It was worth around $0.20 per coin last year, and it is currently valued moreover $0.71 per coin. However, the crypto market is discussing it because it’s currently being examined by the SEC. This, of course, affected the demand for the coin. In this article, we will cover the Ripple basics and explain how to invest in it if you still want to support the project.

What Is Ripple?

Ripple (XRP), a payment processing platform, facilitated global transactions by using its cryptocurrency. Growing in popularity as more businesses use XRP and traders buy it, Ripple’s worldwide payment network is becoming more widely used.

Although Ripple claims to have important technology improvements launched that make transaction processing easier, faster, and more secure, it is not as popular as Bitcoin or other altcoins like Ethereum.

In contrast to Bitcoin and Litecoin, Ripple was created by a for-profit corporation, not a cryptocurrency exchange. In the beginning, 100 billion XRP were issued, with the creators holding 20 billion and Ripple Labs owning the remaining 80 billion XRP. Since then, Ripple Labs has placed 55 billion XRP in escrow to protect consumers.

Although it has been branded a “Bitcoin killer” since 2014, Ripple has recently gained popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The price of Ripple, like the price of other currencies, has recently increased, even though it is still considered “affordable.”

How to Invest in Ripple? 

You can buy Ripple on all major crypto exchanges. 

Step 1: To invest in Ripple in the US, you must first open an account with a FINRA or SEC-approved Ripple exchange website and a low-cost broker. To make an account, all you need is a few basic personal details.

Step 2: Upload Your ID — Uploading a copy of your government-issued ID allows you to pass the authentication step within seconds.

Step 3: Deposit – Each exchange has different deposit minimums and costs. You can buy Ripple with a credit card or use other widely-popular methods: PayPal, Neteller, bank transfer, mobile payments like Apple Pay.

Step 4: Invest in Ripple – After depositing, look for the ‘XRP’ sign, when selecting a trading pair. After selecting ‘Trade,’ specify how much you want to invest in Ripple. Finally, click ‘Open Trade’ to confirm the order.

That’s it — you just learned how to invest in Ripple in the US! Please, note that some exchanges take time to convert FIAT to XRP.  

It’s vital to understand that buying Ripple is more expensive than just the coin’s value. You must also consider other costs.

The following fees may apply when purchasing Ripple.

  • Transaction Fees are the exchange that generally charges them to cover trading costs.
  • To profit from unreported transactions, “commission-free” exchanges leverage the spread between sale and buy prices. Some exchanges charge it both ways, while others only charge it once. This cost is often hidden and not stated on the exchange.
  • The majority of exchanges accept several deposit options. They range from free to highly costly. ACH These are the two most common deposit techniques.
  • Purchases made with debit/credit cards are subject to varying fees.
  • All exchanges charge withdrawal fees. Payment methods and prices vary widely.
  • Inactivity fees are rare on exchanges. They were charged for not using an account for a year. That’s why if you stopped trading 12 months ago and decided to buy Ripple now, you may face them.
  • Gas fees are also rare on exchanges. They were charged to cover a Blockchain function’s cost.

Should You Invest in XRP in 2022? 

To begin, the SEC is examining Ripple, and many exchanges have delisted it. However, it doesn’t mean that Ripple has no future. If Ripple successfully passes all the examinations, it’s likely to increase in value significantly. That’s why the optimists have a potential to make a lot of profit in the future. 


XRP is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency with a strong management team, widespread adoption, and a diverse set of uses. However, it is vital to understand the risks that come with any investment. As a result of the company’s ongoing SEC litigation, many investors have shied away from Ripple.

According to some estimations, this has undoubtedly increased the level of risk, but it has also increased the level of potential earnings. Smart investors will undertake due research to see if XRP is a suitable fit for their individual risk-reward profile. After all, you may be thanking yourself in a few years if Ripple surpasses Bitcoin in value.

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