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During February 2014, Intrepid is running a sale on Overland adventures, which provides a discount of 15% off over 80 tours. By simply typing in the promotional code when you plan your adventure, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on trips that last for one week or expeditions that can last up to an incredible 208 days. There’s plenty of choice given that Intrepid runs tours on every continent on Earth. Some examples of the tours that you can do are:

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Exploring The Highlands Of Ethiopia

On this expedition you’ll begin in Gonder, which is located in the northern part of the country. This city became the first capital of Ethiopia’s empire during the 16th century, and the town contains many large castles and palaces just waiting for you to explore.


From there, you journey to the Simien Mountains National Park. This reserve contains more than 50 species of birds, such as the bearded vulture, which is one of the highlights on this tour that animal lovers rave about for years to come.

On the sixth day and the seventh day of the trip, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Debark and Enda Selassie, followed on by a visit to Aksum, which is the oldest city in Africa and is situated near Ethiopia’s border with Eritrea. The town features numerous large obelisks that are made of granite and are perfect for a great picture opportunity.

On the 11th day, you can experience the forests that surround Wadiya, and during the night, have the opportunity to camp in a wooded area near the town and see how vivid the stars appear in this part of the world thanks to a lack of light pollution.

The next day you’ll make your way to Lalibela, which was founded in the 12th century, and contains more than 13 churches that feature medieval architecture, which tends to surprise to many who visit Ethiopia. The monolithic rock-cut churches are a prime example of why Lalibela is considered one of the holiest cities in Ethiopia.

To finish the tour off, you’ll be taken to Addis Adaba. The largest city in Ethiopia has a population of 3.5 million people, and it features many well-known monuments, such as Meskel Square, St. George’s Cathedral and the Ethiopian National Museum.

If you’d like the chance to really get to know Ethiopia by travelling through it and interacting with the locals, make sure you have a look at the ‘ Exploring The Highlands of Ethiopia’ tour.

A Trip From Kolkata To Kathmandu 

Kolkata is situated in the eastern part of India and is the capital of the province of West Bengal with a population of 15 million. Thankfully you’ll have a local guide who will show you around, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any of the highlights or hidden gems that you might not be able to find by yourself.

After exploring the city for two days, the group will travel to Darjeeling. You will be able to drink unique tea that has been made by the residents, explore the nearby mountains and enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayas from the town’s outskirts. These intimate moments are only possible because of the small group tour style that Intrepid Travel runs.

You then move on to the Karmi Farm where you can practice yoga, enjoy bird-watching and participate in several hikes within the pristine forests that encompass the ranch. After all, you are on holiday, which means new experiences and some time to take a moment for yourself and relax while being in stunning environments.

The Enchey Monastery is situated in the village, and Gangtok is a regional centre of Buddhism. You’ll have a chance to stop off here and explore the monastery situated amongst the Shivalik Hills.

One experience that people love to reflect on is sleeping in tents on the massive foothills of Nepal and then following that experience up by visiting the Royal Beach Camp the next day. This amusement park has been built on the side of a large mountain, and the business allows guests to rent canoes, kayaks and rafts of all sizes.

During the last two days of the journey, you’ll be based in the famous Kathmandu, which is the capital of Nepal. From here you’ll have the chance to explore this incredible area situated in the heart of the Himalya Mountains and boasting a rich history.

If you’d like a holiday that stands out in your mind, then maybe the Kolkata to Kathmandu tour with Intrepid Travel is the adventure tour for you.

Traveling From La Paz To Buenos Aires

The La Paz to Buenos Aires trip allows guests to journey from the Western part of Bolivia to the capital of Argentina, which is situated in an Eastern region of the country and near the Atlantic Ocean.


One highlight of the tour is travelling to the Altiplano. This area features volcanoes, large lakes and especially dense woodlands. There is interesting fauna and flora available to view, which results in a huge amount of photo opportunities that you’re not going to want to miss out on. On the ninth day and the tenth day of your tour, you head to San Pedro De Atacama, which is located in Chile. The village has a population of 5, 000 residents and provides breathtaking views of a large desert. Of course with this comes the opportunity for incredible star gazing at night and during the day, adrenalin filled sandboarding. There are also native ruins nearby that attract more and more tourists each year who are interested in learning about pre-Columbian cultures.

From that location, you head out to Salta and Cafatya to enjoy the museums, the countless cafes and the large wineries that the towns contain. This is a chance to take the time to learn and enjoy the good life on your holiday.

At the end of the tour you’ll finish off in style by exploring Buenos Aires and experience its incredible nightlife for two days, which is often a highlight for lots of people.
If you’d like to get to know a place and have the opportunity to leave a positive impact on the communities you visit by eating in local restaurants, staying in locally owned accommodation and occasionally taking locally owned transport, have a look at the Intrepid Travel Overland Sale today.



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