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As a traveler and amateur photographer, I really need every bit of help that I can get when it comes to taking some amazing travel snaps (with my smartphone) and that is where the opportunity to try a couple of products from companies around. I was really excited about this because I wanted to see how much better I could make a few of my travel photos, so read on to find out more about my experiences.

Travel Packs

Firstly I will look at the travel pack, which is a great idea for those looking for a pretty complete solution for taking photos with a smartphone or GoPro. The following is included in the pack:

  • 1x Wide Angle Pro Lens
  • 1x Flexible Tripod
  • 1x Clip
  • 1x Cleaning wipe
  • 2x Lens covers (front and back)
  • 1x Carry pouch
  • 1x Bluetooth remote control

I liked having the tripod for some stable shots and the tripod was very flexible, although you can see more tripod options here,  and you could quite literally manipulate the legs to hold onto anything. For example, I tooks some great photos recently by wrapping the flexible legs around a tree when there was nothing else around. This was absolutely ideal for a stable shot and was impressed by the results. This was also very useful when used in conjunction with the Bluetooth remote control, because I was easily able to take a number of shots without setting a timer and running back and forth to my phone. The control also paired very quickly and easily with my devices, so that was nice too.

The wide angle lens also provided some pleasing results that I really liked and it easily clipped onto my iPhone. I really liked the fact that it was compatible with pretty much every brand, which was great when someone else wanted to give it a try. This was a nice touch, that would be great to share, especially if you and your friends are using different smartphone models. The photo quality was also a lot better than anything I would be able to achieve with my phone and I was really happy to capture some landscapes that were just so much better than any standard smartphone camera lens.

Pixter Ultra Macro Lens

The Ultra Macro Lens is also intended to be used for smartphone cameras and has the same clip on design as the Wide Angle pro Lens from the Travel Pack. Naturally this has the same advantage of being compatible with many different smartphone brands. The main aim of this lens is to better and magnify them at a magnitude of 6 times you smartphone camera sensor. With this lens you can capture some stunning details that would otherwise be really hard to see. I really liked using this because I find it really hard to capture the details in pictures sometimes. I hate telling stories about photos I have and you really aren’t able to see what I’m talking about. With this lens I was able to take some great pictures and capture some images up close that were very detailed. This mixed with my great smartphone camera and it was well worth having this device on hand. It is also extremely small, so it is easy to carry around and quickly clips on and off my iPhone.


I must say, I am very impressed by the products from Pixter and am excited that there is a real alternative to lugging around a heavy DSLR. It is so much nicer to get some of the effects of a full sized camera by simply carrying a few small attachments for your smartphone. I was really impressed by these lenses from Pixter and also the tripod was a nice touch. I think these would be perfect for any traveler not wanting to carry around heavy equipment, which is not only bulky and impractical, but also makes you a target for thieves. I would highly recommend the Travel Pack and Macro Lens if you are looking to make your travel photos better without breaking the bank and having to carry around bulky equipment.


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