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New Zealand is considered by many people to be the most beautiful country in the world. One of the most amazing places in New Zealand is Queenstown. Queenstown is located in the southwest of the South Island of New Zealand. This resort town is situated in one of the most dramatic and scenic locations in the world and is even the setting for some of the most famous films in recent times. With snowcapped mountains and Lake Wakatipu surrounding the town, very few other tourist destinations can compete with its natural beauty and stunning views.

Location of Famous Films

The breathtaking scenery of Queenstown has always been recognized by its inhabitants and those who visited this area of New Zealand over the years. In recent years however, the beauty of this location has been shared with the world through films like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ which was filmed in Queenstown. These films and others have made millions of people aware of what Queenstown has to offer its visitors. With this increased exposure, many more people will be visiting this part of the world in the coming year.

All Year Round Adventure Activities

Queenstown is famous for its adventure activities. Located beside Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by mountains, this resort town has all the natural features required to make it one of the best adventure activity destinations in the world.

Visitors have dozens of adventure activities to choose from, so you’re certain to find one that suits you. The most popular adventure activities in Queenstown include bungee jumping, mountain biking, skydiving, paragliding and much more.

Winter Sports

Queenstown is also the perfect place to spend time if you enjoy winter sports. You can ski, snowboard or take part in a range of other winder-related activities in the local ski resorts and snow-capped mountains. The most popular ski resorts in Queenstown include Coronet Peak, Treble Cone, Cardona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone. These resorts attract thousands of visitors every year and offer you a unique skiing experience on the other side of the world.

Staying in Queenstown

Queenstown caters for all types of visitors who want to stay in this stunning location. It has a wide range of hotels, hostels and self-catering accommodation to choose from. After spending the day taking in the scenery or taking part in adventure sports, there are plenty of places to eat and drink including restaurants and bars where you can take it easy.

If it’s adventure your looking for, Queenstown is the place to go on vacation this year. With over 200 different adventure activities to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that’s most suitable for you.

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