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I am one of the lucky people on this earth that has had the opportunity to take cruise to Antarctica in my life and it really changed the way I think about travel and I will always have a reference point for what is an amazing holiday. Now is the time for me to talk more about this incredible place and why you should visit there too.

It is unique

When you take a cruise to Antarctica you just know that something special is coming. You are essentially going to a place that very few have had the opportunity to visit before you. There really is nothing else like it on earth. You experience over 20 hours of sunlight there each day and it is pitch black for the winter months! It is also incredible to think that Antarctica is a desert, despite all the ice. There is such little snowfall that it is actually one of the driest places on earth and it is actually the largest desert on the planet! I bet that this is something you didn’t know

Unique wildlife

One thing that makes Antarctica unique is definitely the diverse wildlife that flocks here during the summer months. This makes it an absolutely perfect travel destination in the summer, because this is when you can see things like penguins, whales, seals and many species of birds. There is unfortunately no plant life in Antarctica as nothing is able to survive the harsh conditions there. There are however things like mosses and lichen that can somehow survive there. Some of these are even thousands of years old!

One thing that strikes me about the animals here is that they are not at all shy and they are much friendlier than animals I have seen on my travels around the world.

The scenery

The Antarctic land and seascape is truly something to marvel at. There is quite literally ice as far as the eye can see. You will need a good camera here to capture some unforgettable pictures and things that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. This is especially the case for the huge icebergs, mountains, glaciers and deep blue sea. I love the fact that once you see something in Antarctica that you think is amazing, you will see something even better 10 minutes later.

The activities

Everything I have mentioned before this has been an incredible part of Antarctica, but the things that you can do there are also something you will never ever forget. Think about kayaking around the icebergs and ice in the sea, or getting to actually sleep on the continent itself. These are the the icing on the cake when it comes to visiting Antarctica. You can do so much there, it all depends on what you want to do with the experience. I loved getting on a zodiac boat and getting up close and personal with the wildlife, this was also something that I absolutely loved. This is an adventure of a lifetime, so take every opportunity you can get, even if it means swimming in the freezing Antarctic waters. How many friends of yours can say that they got the opportunity to do that?


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