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5 Countries You Should Really Visit

by Johnny Ward

Australia, SE Asia, Fiji, USA – these are on the backpacking trail because they’re tried and tested. You’re guaranteed an awesome time, your guidebook can lead the way and you’re all set. But what do you do after your round-the-world trip, you’ve already hit up all the major backpacking nations, where next? These 5 countries Continue Reading »

How Much Does it Cost to Go From Cape Town to Cairo?

by Johnny Ward

Cape Town to Cairo may be a classic backpacking route but what a trip it is! From snorkeling in the azure blues of the Indian ocean, the white beaches of Zanzibar, wildlife galore in the Serengetti, standing on a glacier as you hike to the top of Kilimanjaro – the trip offers everything you could Continue Reading »

What is a TEFL course exactly?!

by Johnny Ward

So you want to teach English overseas, you want to travel the world while you work, you want to live in far flung and exotic countries, you want to enhance your CV and learn a language, you want to have a host of small Asian children running around with an Irish accent (ok that last Continue Reading »

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