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Showing My Mum Some Luxury in Northern Ireland; Lusty Beg Review

I don’t spend much time in Ireland each year, in fact I’ve probably spent more time in airplanes than in Ireland over the last ten years, so when I’m home I think it’s only fair I treat my mum to the best our wee country has to offer. I hadn’t been aware that Northern Ireland had any Continue Reading »

2013 was all about The Gathering, now it’s the turn of The Wild Atlantic Way for Ireland.

2013 was a big year for tourism in Ireland, with visitors flocking from all over the world to take part in The Gathering, which was an initiative to promote local gatherings and events, with 5,000 taking place throughout the year.  This involved events taking place in Ireland every day of the year, from family gatherings, Continue Reading »

Northern Ireland’s New Titanic Show Live on! View below…

As a proud Irishman (Northern Irish at that) I never get fed up with bragging about the Titanic being built in Belfast, Northern Ireland. So when I had a chance to help promote an awesome new Northern Ireland initiative, I took it with open arms. With the world’s largest Titanic-themed tourist attraction opened to the Continue Reading »