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10 must-packs for backpackers

by Johnny Ward

So, your route is roughed out, your flights are figured, inoculations injected, anti-malarial needs anticipated and your backpack bought; but the question of exactly what is going to go in your backpack still remains… There’s so much great advice on what you’ll need for a backpacking trip that it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed Continue Reading »

3 of the Coolest Celebrations In Bhutan

by Johnny Ward
This entry was posted in Bhutan

If you ever needed a reason to go anywhere, attending a festival is the perfect excuse. Bhutan is full of these kinds of excuses. The nation hosts celebrations year round celebrating their culture, diversity, and all things wonderful that are Bhutan. Being in Bhutan for one of their many celebrations is the perfect way to Continue Reading »

5 Things to See in Bratislava, Slovakia

by Johnny Ward

My year long European tour is whizzing past in a heart beat, I’ve made it to Bratislava, Slovakia – the city where ‘Hostel’ the movie was set. Reassuring. I didn’t really know what my preconceptions were about Bratislava but I’ve been in some cracking cities recently so it had a lot of pressure to continue Continue Reading »

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