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5 Cool Weekend Activities in London

London is a buzzing metropolis filled with many exciting activities to do on the weekend. It’s one of the most visited cities in the world and it’s surprise to see why. With the Queen and David Beckham battling it out for the most famous person to live there, there are a few other attractions to be Continue Reading »

Choosing Holiday Destinations in Devon

The English countryside remains a haven away from the busy hustle of its towns and cities. Devon in the South East is a play park for the outdoor enthusiast. With two coastlines to choose from, and a hilly centre surrounded by moorlands and an expansive National Park, there’s plenty to explore. The Southern Coast Torquay Continue Reading »

Joining the Elite in Luxurious Bournemouth

Luxury hotel accommodation in Bournemouth is ingrained in its architecture. The very buildings that have become modern day lavish hotels were originally built as decadent spas. Such a culture of extravagance attracted the elite and aristocratic to Bournemouth’s’ sandy shores, and today it exceeds the levels of luxury for which it’s famed. Surrounded by fresh Continue Reading »

7 ideal places in London for foreign visitors

‘London is a roost for every bird,’ observed Benjamin Disraeli, the UK prime minister in the 19th century. Since then, London has – if anything – become even more cosmopolitan. More than 14 million overseas visitors chose to spend time in the UK capital during 2010, helping contribute over £8.6 billion to the country’s economy. Continue Reading »

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