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Motivational Monday: Forgot the Old Boys Club, it’s Our Time to Shine

by Johnny Ward

As I prepare to launch my media company next week I’ve found myself wondering what it is that defines me. Most people who know of me online, or even people who know me personally call me a ‘traveller’ first and foremost. I don’t like to be labeled but if I have to be, then a Continue Reading »

Motivational Monday: F*ck Procrastination, 5 easy steps to kick start your life

by Johnny Ward

If you want a motivational kick in the ass and you’re ready to make a change or two, please read on. If you’re easily offended, or if the truth cuts a little too deep feel free to click back to facebook, leave a negative comment because you’re not happy with who you are or watch Continue Reading »

Motivational Monday: Making a Start On Your Dreams

by Johnny Ward

I remember facebook stalking some guy (God I wish I could remember his name), around 7 years ago when I began this lifestyle, I was 22 and he was about my age now (29). His facebook photos were immense, from Argentina, Mexico, Greece, China, Egypt – I was blown away, how can someone so young Continue Reading »

Motivational Monday: It Only Takes an Idea

by Johnny Ward

I now around 7 websites (with 5 more in development) and a business in Bangkok, I’m writing an ebook (or 2), I work about 10 hours per week, and I travel when and where I want. I have an assistant who does my research and organizes my work flow. Life is good, but it’s not Continue Reading »

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