Help Us Build A Playground For the Burmese Kids in Thailand!

HELP US BUILD A PLAYGROUND IN THAILAND IN 2017! Time for something pretty epic! Those of you legends who follow my travels to every country in the world on either,,
large minority

Racing a TukTuk around Sri Lanka! My brand ambassadorship with Large Minority!

RACING TUKTUKS AROUND SRI LANKA? YES PLEASE! As my audience grows, and my social media grows, brands contact me all the time asking to work together, and 100% of the time I say no, other than  Momondo and FitBit, 2 brands I personally used...

#Travel Goals. My 2016 Recap – 30 countries, $200k+, 64 flights!

As the new year bounces in with all too familiar hangovers and false promises, I think it’s important to take a while and reflect on our previous year. Too often, we get caught up in the hectic nature of life in the 21st century...
things to do in kanchanaburi

Things to do in Kanchanaburi; A Complete Guide!

Things to do in Kanchanaburi UPDATE MAY 2020: When you make it to Thailand, undoubtedly you’ll fly into Bangkok, maybe spend a couple of days in Bangkok visiting a Temple or two, eating Pad Thai on Khao San Road and getting dragged to...

How many countries in the world in 2021?

How many countries in the world in 2021? If you ask how many countries in the world there are in 2021. Well, the answer is that technically speaking there are 197 countries in the world. From a travel perspective, you could argue there are...

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