UK OFFER: Business Class for FREE! British Airways American Express Card AIRMILES OFFER 42,000 AVIOS!

Business class for free. Sounds good right? It’s not a scam. I mentioned to you guys before, but depressingly in my 10 year 261 flights to every country in the world, I DIDN’T COLLECT ONE SINGLE AIR MILE! Eurrrrgh. But since 2020 I’ve been putting that right! And finally, I’ve cracked how to earn air miles and fly business class for free if you come from the UK.

Generally, collecting air miles used to be an American thing. Being from both Ireland and the UK, our credit cards never really played the same games, which meant we couldn’t fly business class for free the way my American friends always seemed to manage. But that’s been changing, and finally, we can get involved.

I wrote a genuine beginner’s guide to air miles last year once I worked out how the hell air miles actually worked. What air miles are, and how to earn them. Then I wrote about the best credit cards in the UK to collect air miles. Read those 2 blog posts, and you’ll ‘get it’ much more than before, I promise.

NOTE: This card is part of how I earned more 100,000 Avios in less than 9 months in 2021!

If you click my link, you’ll see this offer of 42,000 Avios sign-up bonus. It’s NEVER been this high before, EVER!

Amex air miles uk
My British Airways business class from the Caribbean to London last year

Anyway, this week American Express released an even better special offer for Airmiles for anyone from the UK, so here we go. If you have never understood air miles, and never flown business class for free, this is how to get started…


NOTE: When you get a British Airways branded American Express Card, that means you earn ‘Avios’. Which is British Airways airmiles. AVIOS can be used to book flights or upgrade flights with British Airways, and a few other airines that they partner with.

British Airways American Express® Premium Plus Card

In my ‘Best Credit Cards for airmiles in the UK‘ article, I basically explain why you NEED an American Express card to collect air miles in the UK. I go on to explain that, generally speaking, the Platinum card is the best way to get the most airmiles, and ultimately fly business class for free. BUT, the Platinum card is f*cking expensive (£575 quid a year!).

Now, for some reason, AMEX has made a cheaper card have the BIGGEST free airmiles. Why? No idea. But you should take the opportunity while it exists. The offer expires on February 28th 2022.

The best card to get for free airmiles right now is the British Airways American Express® Premium Plus Card. And it’s less than HALF the price of the Platinum card (it’s £250 quid a year).

Why it’s currently the BEST card for anyone in the UK who wants to fly business class for free:

42,000 AVIOS AIR MILES (normally 25,000)!

Normally you used to get 25,000 air miles for free with this card, when you spent £3k in the first 3 months. But there’s a special promotion where now you get 40,000 instead of 25,000. And then if you use a referral link, that’s increased AGAIN to 42,000 air miles.

Referral link:


When you finally start collecting airmiles, you’ll regret not doing it your whole life. Me too. Anyway, once you sign up for your Amex BA card, and get your 42,000 miles, you’ll see how easy it is to use Amex. And every time you use it, you collect more air miles. You’ll get addicted (like me). Make this card your ‘go-to’ card. With that, throughout the year, if you spend £10,000 in 12 months – which almost everyone does – then you get a ‘companion voucher’/

What’s a companion voucher? Prepare yourself. It’ll blow your mind. When you use all these new airmiles you’ve earned, and you book a flight with airmiles with British Airways, you get another ticket beside you COMPLETELY FREE. Insane. Even better, it even applies to business class ticketa. So book a business class ticket with airmiles, and you get a COMPLETELY FREE BUSINESS CLASS TICKET beside you for free!

I already spent my £10k on my British Airways Amex, so now I have a free companion ticket ready to use for my wife and I, check it out. I plan to fly from Thailand, where we live, to the UK. Then I think I’ll book a business class ticket to the USA (maybe New York), and I’ll use this companion voucher so my wife will be sitting beside my in business class. And it’ll cost me nothing other than taxes, for both of us in business class!

british airways companion voucher
My british airways companion voucher

Travel Inconvenience Insurance

You also get Travel Inconvenience Insurance which means £200 for flight delay, £750 for baggage delayed etc. It’s great.

What are these 42,000 airmiles worth?!

So, you signed up, spent your 3k, and you’ve now got 42,000 air miles. What are they worth? Well, if you never spent another penny on that card then your 42k airmiles could get you?

  • You can fly to pretty much ANYWHERE in Europe, in economy, for 40,000 air miles
  • Return London to Paris in Business Class, and return in economy is only 24,000 miles!
  • Return London to Washington inthe US? 26,000!
  • If you pay cash for premiun economy London to New York, then to upgrade to business class, that would cost 40,000 miles. So that’s a return business class upgrade ‘for free’!
  • Or use it for experiences. VIP helicopter tour in New York? 30,000 airmiles.

Are you eligible for this offer?

If you’ve never had a British Airways American Express card before, then yes, you’re eligible! Sign up here and join the air mile party.

That means if you’ve ever heard the Gold Amex or Platinum Amex, yes you ARE STILL ELIGIBLE! Pretty cool.

Who Am I to recommend this offer as ‘THE BEST IN THE UK’?

As I alluded to, I used to be an airmile novice. And I’m still no genius, truth be told. But I’m learning. And the main thing I’ve learned is that collecting air miles is SO MUCH EASIER than it seems. If you read all the air mile blogs, it seems so complicated. It’s not. Just get yourself an AMEX and get started.

Me? I never flew business class in my life until 2017. 300+ flights, never was even upgraded. Then I got my first Amex Platinum in 2017 and got my first upgrade. 2018 I started flying business a bit more. Then 2019 and 2020 I was flying business half the time. In the last 12 months though, I’ve pretty much ONLY flown in Business Class.

Emirate First Class to Europe, Gulf Air business to Asia, Qatar Q Suits to Mauritania, Emirates Business to Tanzania, all within the last 12 months. Don’t overthink it. Step 1, get an American express card. From there, it becomes clearer.

Since March 2021 (10 months ago), I have earned 200,000 British Airways Miles (known as ‘Avios’), a FREE British Airways Companion Voucher so my wife can fly business with me for free, AND 160,000 American Express points (which I can transfer to Avios too, making a total of 360,000 airmiles in under a year!).

My advice would be to take this special offer of 42,000 airmiles. But if the 250 quid a year is too much, then you can get the free British Airways AMEX card. No yearly fee, and 12,000 airmiles (check the ‘view all cards with referral offer’ on this page to get 12,000 rather than the standard 10,000). BUT that means you won’t be eligible for the upgraded card for 2 years. So be wary.

Final thoughts on the British Airways Premium Plus Card

What more is there to say? To get the most air miles normally requires you to get the AMEX Platinum card (575 quid), but due to this promotion, the most airmiles is now with the British Airways AMEX (250 quid). That is a seriously amazing deal. Simple as that.

Combine that with the fact that you can earn the free companion voucher, and it makes this deal probably the best air miles deal in the whole UK. Probably ever to be honest. So if you want to start collecting air miles, and start getting business class upgrades for free, this is where to start. Enjoy!

qatar business class
Business Class for free!

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