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What to do in Dalaman

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The ethnic Turkish cuisine, ancient culture, beautiful sunshine and other activities contribute to Turkey being a holiday hotspot for tourists from all over the planet. Vacations in Dalaman, Turkey are gaining popularity with tourists as it is a quiet region where goers can explore ruins, enormous nature parks and prisine beaches. So what should you Continue Reading »

Exploring Turkey by car

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*This is a guest post from Emily, a friend of mine   I love taking a road trip. Travelling by car is, without a doubt, the only way to explore a region. It gives you the freedom to set your own path and, seeing as I’m the sort of girl who doesn’t like being shepherded Continue Reading »

Sailing on the Turkish Riviera

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It seems there’s a Riviera almost everywhere now. Just the other day, I was on a London bus that passed a stop called ‘the Thames Riviera’ (which couldn’t have felt further away from the real deal). Turkey’s Aegean Coast, however, truly deserves the ‘Riviera’ title. Its climate and beauty bring the original Mediterranean Riviera vividly Continue Reading »

The 5 Coolest Clubs in Istanbul

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What’s backpacking without a debaucherous bahaviour now and then eh? With that in mind, after getting your teeth sunk into the cultural side of Turkey with their 10 Unesco World Heritage Sites, it’s time to cut loose and Istanbul is the city to do it, there’s never been a better time to find some Turkey holidays so check Continue Reading »

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