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Over the years, the popularity of online gambling has soared and there are millions of players located around the globe that enjoy engaging in casino games online. With hundreds of operating casino sites, players are eager to get started as they can play realistic games and win real money. With amazing sites that offer player protection and great payouts, the online gambling industry is always growing and players are always seeking the latest information on games, bonuses and the best places to play. This is where freelance writers come into play. These writers create content for online casinos themselves of for affiliates that are associated with a site and the content is used to increase traffic that eventually generates more revenue.

Writing Sites for New Writers

If one is looking to start making money by writing gambling content, there are some great beginner sites that are available. Sites like Text Broker and even Craigslist will advertise writing gigs where writers can start making some money by offering their writing services. There are also affiliates and webmasters that seek game reviews, player tips and more. The best place to start is with a simple search online which will provide writers with some great sites where they can pick up some work.

Working with Webmasters

Once established, a writer that has proven their ability may be able to connect with a webmaster who is running their own site. These webmasters will be affiliated with specific casinos that will pay them if they generate player leads. Affiliates and webmasters have an ongoing need for high quality content and up to date articles, so this is a great way to make some money writing about the online gambling industry. Successful webmasters and affiliates actually make their entire living by promoting gambling sites and they always have a need for reliable and reputable writers. While it may be hard to get a foot in the door, one connected with an affiliate, many writers will be able to make connections with others that will allow them to work for multiple clients at the same time.

Online Casino and Game Review Sites

Another great place to look if one is trying to write for money online is the various sites that offer reviews. There are many of these. Players from around the world rely on these sites to give them an overview of what a casino site is offering or what new games have been released. Players often visit these sites to learn about the latest and greatest games or the high paying bonuses that are being offered at different online casinos. These sites can directly hire writers who will then produce ongoing content for their sites. The better the content, the more readers it will attract and an increase in traffic means more revenue for the site as well as the writer.

Things to Know

As a freelance writer, it is important to be well disciplines and be able to manage multiple tasks in a timely manner. The majority of writers out there work for many clients, so the workload can be heavy at times. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed and there many be slow times as well, so money management is key, as it is with any self-employed individual. With a little time and patience and a lot of online research, it is possible to find an amazing writing job covering the thrilling online gambling industry.


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