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Is Travel Insurance Really Important?

The trip of a lifetime you have planned and saved for is about to begin. Everything’s organised; visas, flights, trains, thongs, sun cream, and cameras. With every detail planned methodically you may wonder why travel insurance exists, but it is impossible to plan for every eventuality.  Southern Cross Travel Insurance is that security blanket for Continue Reading »

New Zealand; North or South Island?

Alright, my blog gets quite a few hits these days so I should maintain (begin?) some level of professionalism and give a balanced argument. However, I have no intention of doing that. I’ve recently returned from driving a campervan around New Zealand and if you’re trying to choose which island to visit in New Zealand, Continue Reading »

My Favourite Places to Visit in Sydney

Sydney is one of those cities you can return to again and again and never really get enough. I always think of it as one of the most exciting places I’ve visited on my travels. In Sydney, the laid-back, friendly Australian atmosphere mixes with the bustling vibes of a cosmopolitan city, dropped right beside one Continue Reading »

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