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There are many reasons why choosing a holiday destination can prove difficult. For something that is meant to be relaxing, it can sometimes become quite a chore before you even work out where you want to go.

Blue mosque[28]

Of course there are many things we have to take into account, from how much we can actually afford in order to get a decent level of luxury, through to making sure that there will be something for all of the family to enjoy.

Obviously one big tip is to check out all the details of what is on offer online. This way, you can compare prices, facilities and exactly what each different country, destination and resort has to offer.

The next thing you need to do is narrow your search down a little by deciding what type of holiday you want. Does the idea of relaxing by the pool or on a beach seem like your perfect getaway, or are you looking for something a little more energetic? Also, are there other members of the family to take into account, such as young kids, teenagers or older relatives?

All of these things can impact on the choice you need to make and the kind of holiday you decide on.



One country that is well worth looking into is Turkey. Apart from having a huge swathe of beautiful coastline, holidays to Turkey can give you plenty of different options to cover almost any requirements.

Turkey is traditionally where Europe and the East meet, both geographically and culturally. For centuries, the cultures have mixed and matched here and today modern European values exist side by side, with traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culture.

With a flight time of four hours from the UK, getting to Turkey is a mid-way journey between short and long haul. It is far enough to feel more adventurous than the more familiar trips to the Mediterranean, but isn’t as arduous as a full trip to the States or further to the East.



Belek Villas is a great example, being an intimate yet spacious villa resort with a private garden, sauna, outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The beautiful long sandy beach is famous for the many sea turtles.

There are many different types of holidays take in Turkey. Having been well known for years as a place where numerous wonderful beachside resorts are to be found, in recent years, the Government has made deliberate moves to widen the country’s appeal. Today Turkey is becoming a popular destination for golfing enthusiasts in the summer months, while its mountains host some of the world’s best skiing in the winter.


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