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Whether it is watching a sunset at Miami or trekking in the Himalayas, travelling solo has become a more popular choice amongst the tourists. One of the most remarkable things about travelling alone is the fact that you have ample time to discover the history, art, culture and traditions of another country. A solo travel pushes you out of your comfort zones into unknown foreign lands, doing things you otherwise wouldn’t have time for. Traveling solo will build your confidence while you have encounters with strangers on an alien land.


A solo traveller’s bucket list could be a long one with many places to visit. Choosing from a whole list of places could be more difficult than you thought. Located on the Tamsui River, Taipei is a great place to begin with. The entire city has an exceptional ambience of classic Chinese architecture. The night markets offer delectable street food and pop-up stores in a 10 block stretch. Take some time away from the main city and go hiking during the day. As a solo traveller, you will find Taipei very safe and easy to move around. Another user-friendly destination is Iceland. It is a lot easier to move around and communicate as the locals understand English. Visit the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa with warm waters rich in minerals. Dine with other travellers and wash clothes together at the Laundromat Café. Engage in daylight sports like hiking to natural hot springs, whale watching and horse riding. With a very low crime rate, Iceland is indeed one of the safest places in Europe.


Auckland downtown,   New Zealand
One of the most impressive cities near water is the city of Auckland. Take a short ferry trip and visit the surrounding islands. You may explore the Waitakere Ranges which offer loads of hiking options. Try spending a lazy afternoon at the Mission Bay Beach. Experience the famous café culture of the city and try the kiwi flavoured ‘flat white’ single shot of coffee. You may even enjoy your favorite book with a cup of coffee and slice of cake. Catch a show at the ‘Civic Theatre’. Relish a spectacular view of the whole city from the Sky Tower. You can go in for sightseeing with a low budget. Auckland is a very safe place to travel to.


With vibrant houses, spectacular canals, coffee shops and rich culture, Amsterdam is every solo traveller’s dream. If you are an art lover, visit the Rijskmuseum and contemplate the Dutch Masters. Movie buffs can enjoy retro screenings at the Netherlands Film Museum. Shop for your favourite antiques and visit Spiegelkwartier. Enjoy rijsttafel, an Indonesian-Dutch speciality served at the charming restaurant of Srikendi. Getting around is easy and walking or biking around is a good option. Amsterdam is also one of the safest places for a solo traveller.

Make your lone travel worthwhile and take necessary precautions. You may converse with the locals and ask them about places to visit or dine. Plan your travel well in advance for a unique experience!


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