If we don’t aspire to anything then we won’t achieve anything. Check out my progress to every country in the world here. 

Growing up in a small town in Ireland the world seemed like such a big place with far flung destinations that I could only dream about visiting. But then I changed my thought process, I changed my expectations. If I want to live the biggest life imaginable, then I’d have to go out and get it. So I did and here I am. 

climbing Mount Kinabalu
At the summit of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

So many people talk about their dream job, dream holiday, dream lifestyle but we can all have those dreams – it’s just a matter of redesigning our lifestyles, shaking up the status quo and doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

As I do the things I dream of I score them out as a reminder that we can all do what we dream of, it just takes a little bit of a push and a step back from the security and normality of our current lives. Life is supposed to be an adventure and one that we can all take part in, now all we have to do is enroll…

~ You may delay, but time will not ~ Benjamin Franklin

Things I want to see and have my breath taken away:

  1. Mount Everest, Nepal/Tibet
  2. The Taj Mahal, India
  3. Shibuya Crossing, Japan
  4. The Great Wall of China, China
  5. Aurora/The Northern Lights, Scandanavia
  6. Tiananmen Square, China
  7. Lhasa, Tibet
  8. Snow Capped Mt Fuji, Japan
  9. Petra, Jordon
  10. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  11. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  12. A live volcano
  13. Uluru, Australia
  14. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
  15. Tehran, Iran
  16. The Colosseum of Rome, Italy
  17. The Eiffel Tower, France
  18. The Statue Of Liberty, USA
  19. Machu Pichu, Peru
  20. Chichen Itza, Mexico
  21. Victoria Falls (and swim in the devil’s pool), Zimbabwe & Zambia
  22. Spiritual Centres: Jerusalem, Mecca, Bodhgaya, Amiritsar, Varanasi
  23. The Kremlin, Russia
  24. The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
  25. Sydney Harbour, Australia
  26. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
  27. The Terracotta Army, China
  28. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  29. The White House, USA
  30. The Grand Canyon, USA
  31. Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  32. The Amazon Rainforest
  33. Bhutan
  34. The Great Barrier Reef. Australia
  35. Easter Island, Chile
  36. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  37. The Nile
  38. Borobudur, Indonesia
  39. The Serengeti/Masai Mara, Tanzania/Kenya
  40. The Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia
  41. Timbuktu, Mali
  42. Banaue Rice Terraces, The Philippines 
  43. Zanzibar, Tanzania
  44. The Hagia Sophia, Turkey
  45. The World Islands, UAE
  46. The Sistine Chapel,  The Vatican
  47. The Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania
  48. The Forbidden City, China
  49. The Golden Pavilion, Japan
  50. The Gateway of India, Mumbai
  51. Komodo dragons in Komodo, Indonesia
  52. The Tower of London, England
  53. Bagan Temples of Myanmar
  54. The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
  55. Visit the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan

Things I want to do and experience:

  1. Visit Every country in the world
  2. Attend the Running of the Bulls in Spain
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  4. Trek to the South Pole
  5. Attend a River Plate/Boca Juniors Game, Argentina
  6. Trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal/Tibet
  7. Camel Safari in Sahara/Thar Desert, Egypt/India
  8. Skydive (Australia, New Zealand)
  9. Bungee Jump (Tanzania, Thailand) 
  10. Paraglide (in the Indian Himalayas!)
  11. Parasail
  12. Base Jump
  13. Take a Gondola in Venice, Italy
  14. Gamble in Vegas, USA
  15. Take the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing
  16. Speak to a Geisha in Japan
  17. Do some drugs in Colombia (sorry mum, avert ur eyes!)
  18. See Orangutans in the wild in Borneo, Malaysia/Indonesia/Brunei
  19. Attend the Olympics
  20. Attend the World Cup final
  21. Learn a foreign language (Thai – far from fluent yet!)
  22. Get drunk at Oktoberfest in Germany
  23. Save a life
  24. Party at Carnival, Rio, Brazil
  25. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon (Egypt, Turkey)
  26. Swim with Great White Sharks
  27. Climb Empire State Building, USA
  28. Write a book
  29. Go on Safari in Africa
  30. Smoke in Amsterdam, Holland
  31. Drink Guinness in Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  32. Climb Table Mountain, South Africa
  33. Watch the burning ghats in the Ganges, India
  34. Take a boat down the bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
  35. Visit the Aran Islands, Republic of Ireland
  36. Get Married
  37. Have kids
  38. Circumnavigate the globe
  39. Visit Uluru, Australia
  40. Play football in the favellas of Brazil
  41. Drink vodka in Siberia, Russia
  42. Visit every continent
  43. Travel to more than 100 countries
  44. Cross a country on a bike
  45. Stay in a water bungalow in the Maldives
  46. Waterfight in Songkran, Thailand
  47. Spend a night in a cell (not a whole night, but an evening in Ukraine)
  48. Throw tomatoes La Tomatina, Spain
  49. Stay with a tribe in Papua New Guinea
  50. Learn to Snowboard
  51. Reach Antartica
  52. Watch a game at the Maracana, Brazil
  53. Visit the North Pole
  54. Take weird perspective pics in the salt flats of Bolivia


  1. Create online businesses that mean I’m always location independant
  2. Make $1k, $2k, $5k, $10k, $30k,  $50k, $100k online in one month
  3. Hire 1, 2, 5, 10,  20 people at any one time
  4. Be mortgage free on at least 1 property  in my twenties
  5. Have more than 3 separate incomes streams generating $100k per year
  6. Have a net worth of $1m+


~ “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves .”  ~ André Gide


Got a question? Wanna comment? I'd love to hear from you

41 thoughts on “Bucket List

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  6. I can’t see on your list Mogadishu or Somalia, so was that by accident your visit to the most dangerous place in the world. impressive

  7. Hi, have you checked out what’s on the Ph already? I’d love it if you can spare some thoughts visitinng our metro. Seeing that you have an eye for good destinations.

  8. Hey, I see you have Mecca on your list any thoughts on how you are going to travel there? I am also interested in making my way there some day.

  9. I think you’re having the time of your life, and I guess I wish I had your gutt to leave everything behind. And leave.
    You’d better definitely go to the Grand Canyon, and the Monument Valley as well. I’ve had the chance to be there a few years ago, and it’s something that makes you feel insignificant, powerless.
    That time I also walked through a small canyon nearby the valley, definitely worth it.

  10. Tip for ya 😉 Cross a country on a bike: Come to Malta, it is a small country and it possible that you cross the country from North to South with a bike 🙂

  11. Awesome bucketlist some are similar to mine. You’re story is really inspiring, unfortunately it is much more challenging for us Filipinos to travel to a lot of countries, as immigration is always stricter with us due to the illegal immigrants but I am currently trying to prove it can be done even if we start from the bottom.

  12. Hey
    You should come to Turkey. Turkish news agency wrote about you yesterday. I’ve a travel blog and when I read this news I’m so jealous. If you come to Turkey I want to meet you. Have a best travel!

  13. Hi Johnny,

    I enjoyed reading your bucket list!!! It’s awesome that you’ve done a lot of travels at such a young age! Not many people get the chance that you have. I love traveling and I get that wanderlust every now and then but you know having an office job, it doesn’t get any better! I wish one day I’ll be able to take the leap of faith and just live life now rather than later! Btw, you have a pretty gf!
    Kudos to your awesome travel blog! I will definitely refer back when I’m planning the next trip!


  14. Hi Johnny!
    I just came across your awesome blog through Yahoo. Your story is so inspiring! I would love to travel all around the world like you one day. I have visited 3 continents and 12 countries so far.
    I see you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon yet. I am going there next week for the very first time, would love to send you some pics!
    You should have a contest for your subscribers; submit best travel images and win a trip with you! 🙂

    Good luck!

  15. You need to look into seeing Sedona , Hiking to Havasupai Falls, Antelope canyon & check out Wave Arizona 🙂

  16. You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the best websites on the web.

    I will highly recommend this website!

  17. Come to India again, and take me along with you! 😀
    We’ll be the best of friends and an AMAZING team 😀
    You’ve got an amazing bucket list 🙂

  18. Just found your blog today and I love your bucket list. I, too created my bucket list years ago, lost it somehow, then found it along with my books last December. To my surprise, most of the things on my list was accomplished. I started checking them off. And i added a few more on my list. I saw that you haven’t check Machu Picchu yet. Do it soon! I was there last year and even though i got sick while i was visiting. I was able to enjoy Peru. It was absolutely amazing to see one of the wonders of the world.
    Anyway, keep on inspiring us.

  19. Hmm….Strike number 11, will you! It is illegal and the mortality rate is something like 30%….

    You are quite a glutton for experiences! Where’s the ‘understanding the meaning of life’??

  20. I hope you will mature appropriately, and numbers 16 and 30 will never be achieved!! All the others are suitably appropriate!! (and I am green with envy)

    1. I was very impressed and amazed with your blog until… I read n°16… I wasn’t expecting that sort of comments from someone that looked very open-minded and quite clever. Very disappointed first to see that you are talking about “drugs” as if they were a normal/touristy/the only thing to do in ColOmbia. You’ll learn that most ColOmbians despise the use of drugs such as cocaine and most of them are not users (guess who is); referring to cocaine as something to do when visiting ColOmbia is just an insult to all ColOmbians. I guess it was kind of a joke when you posted this but it is a shame that people don’t think about what they are saying and how it can be received; especially people that want to motivate others to go forward. Second disappointment, you could at least get the name of the country right… it is ColOmbia, not ColUmbia which is a university in North America. Try to replace that #16 with an actual and really nice thing to do in ColOmbia, you’ll see you’ll be amazed (take it as an assignment). Cheers.

      1. thanks for the headsup on the typo (fixed now). I’m not taking assignments at the mo, aside from the assignments I task myself with one of which is getting high in Colombia. I’m sorry if that offends you, but I absoutely plan to do it when I get there – I thought it’s better for me to be honest with my readers.

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