How hot is it where you are? Unless you are living in the far north of the country right now odds are that it’s hot, dry, and only going to get hotter until monsoon. However, there is a place where the weather is perfect, the beaches are gorgeous, and you know? You look like you could really use a holiday. Picking a beach in Bali is like picking a beautiful piece of jewelry – a pleasure and something to treasure for all time. However, not all areas are the same, and different tourist areas will appeal or not according to your individual taste. And according to Indonesia Travel 9.3 million travelers agree that Bali is among the most wonderful destinations in the world.

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What’s Your Pleasure?

Thinking about what makes a vacation ideal can inform your choice of area and how you choose your accommodations. Is it just you and your friends who will be going? You alone? Or you with your family? Are you planning to have cultural tours, or mostly just vegetate by the beach and make use of the hotel spa? Are you looking for party all night nightlife, or a quiet private villa for a refreshing getaway? For some of us the ideal vacation means lots of activity, going places and doing things. For others it can involve peace and quiet, and trying to achieve a state of serene relaxation while away from the worries of daily life back home. Looking over sites that are dedicated to travel and have vocal membership can often give you a better picture of what to expect than the travel brochures and the official sites for tourists.


    • Hotel room versus villa: Hotel rooms can be luxurious experiences, however even the best of them can lack amenities that make a private villa an excellent choice. If you’re seeking privacy and serenity, a villa with your own private pool, kitchen and dining area, and even staff can be a terrific break from the every day.
    • Tourist area versus road less traveled: Bali is a small island but big with experiences. Not all areas will give you the same experiences as others. The diversity of areas to visit is wonderful, and there are so many to choose from. However you will have a very different experience in places like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak – which are closest to the airport- then you will in more recently developed areas like Jimbaran and the Bukit peninsula. Areas in the interior and on the northern side of the island can also give you a very different feel for Bali.


  • Going with kids versus adults only: Traveling with children is understandably very different than when just adults are vacationing. Even with older children, activities available in some resort areas they not be suitable or appropriate to their age level. Choosing a full service resort with activities that will interest everyone at every age level is to be desired over leaving kids to themselves, or dragging them along on expeditions that they would find boring. Lots of resorts offer babysitting for younger children and activities for older children.
  • Choose for versatility: You might want to relax and swim in your own private pool at your villa one evening, then take in the nightlife at a neighboring resort the next. Choosing to stay at a full service resort like Karma can give you more options on how to spend your time.
  • Choose for a great beach: Not all beaches are created equal and many tourists find themselves disappointed at crowds, noise levels, and the probability of being brained by a novice surfer. Choosing a Karma Beach resort on Bali means that a great beach experience for you and your family as well as a chance to get away from it all.
  • Go local: While tours are available with transportation, you may also wish to consider a chauffeur driven car for your party. Your hotel will often be able to guide you to legitimate operators, instead of someone who is going to rip you off.



Getting There!

Travelers from India are eligible for visa on arrival according to travel website – visa is valid for 30 days for a single entry. This means that you can come in, stay for 30 days, and then leave. It does not mean that you can leave and reenter the country multiple times during those 30 days. The day of arrival counts as day one, and departure day also counts as a day against the 30 day stay. The cost of your visa will be 2222.31 INR – and the exchange rate is highly favorable when exchanging Indian rupee to Indonesian rupiah with one rupee exchanging at a rate of 206.9 rupiah according to

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