9 Awesome Adventure you can Experience While you are in Nepal


Provided that it’s a landlocked country, Nepal may not not have the best of adventures offered by seas. Notwithstanding the country has still managed to come with its own heart pounding adventures from trekking sky-high mountains to paragliding and skiing. 

Just name it whatever you’re driven by and Nepal will indeed get it for you. There are endless arousing adventures here that leaves people excited throughout the time. 

When you’re in Nepal, there is no getting away from water sports like rafting or bungee jumping. Distinctive from all of it, the new adventure to add to the list of insanely awesome adventures is skydiving over Everest. 

But only if anything is common between these adventure sites and that which connects them is the backdrop. As of now, all the adventure activity that has been carried out in Nepal has a splendid view to offer its guests. 

Most of the places where these activities take place do provide the sight of dazzling snow peaks and glaciers. The rest of whom comes with diverse landscapes, lush-green forest and wildlife. 

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9 Awesome Adventure you can Experience While you are in Nepal

Trekking Everest Base Camp

I know trekking has become too conventional and out-fashioned to compete with today’s heart beating adventure. But this one’s Everest base camp trek and it always remains iconic with all the classic trails and mesmeric scenery.

To defeat all the challenges that come along the way to campsite is definitely not easy. But that’s what trekking is all about and moreover the route here offers magnificent scenery.

Just leaving aside the towering mountains like Cho Oyu and Nuptse, you can watch the surreal landscapes and unique wildlife. It also helps visitors traveling the region to go after the culture and way of life of different indigeneous groups. 

Beginners who are enthusiastic to set on Everest Base Camp trek must be pre-trained. You probably want to start with physical strength and stamina by having an exercise and fitness regimen. Explore more trekking destinations here: Spectacular Destinations to Trek in Nepal

Waterfall Ice climbing 

The Himalayas are home to Nepal’s sky-scraping mountains which mostly have people count on for adventures. But it solely doesn’t limit to only trekking as mountaineers have plenty of other reasons to visit the site and waterfall ice climbing is just a few of it. 

Some of you’re probably unaware about it but ice climbing is emerging as one of the thrilling adventures in the Himalayas. It’s basically scaling the frozen waterfalls, glacier walls or ice sheets which are loaded with extreme difficulties and fun. 

IMFGA Exam Waterfall is one of the hotspots in Nepal where trekkers turn on for ice climbing. It lies in Annapurna Sanctuary and mostly dedicated to thrill seekers following the intensity and high-degree challenges. 

Besides it, you can travel to Namche Bazaar and enjoy climbing Kwangda waterfall ice or Eagle Nest Waterfall, situated in Langtang Valley. Many of these waterfalls are for professionals so before taking on it you’ll need to build strength as well as learn all the techniques. 

Canyon Swing 

The height of adventure can’t get any better than that with Canyon Swing. Much the same as bungee jumping except for the bounce, canyon swings are for adventure enthusiasts. It’s the most insane ride one can ever come across with swinging upside down the whole time. 

Lucky those who visit Nepal as it has one of the best canyon swings on the planet at The Last Resort. As much as it looks scary, the canyon swing here is safe and happens under the supervision of experts. 

Besides, there will be a harness and rope tied on your body all the time. Canyon Swing ought not need special training but one has to boost their morale and discipline for the activity. Most of all, the view from the bridge is absolutely breathtaking with the spectcaular gorge and river flowing down. 

Ultra light flying 

No doubt, flights are awesome but Ultra light flying is something else. It’s the coolest way to explore any place and the majestic view there with no rush or hassle. No new in the adventure world, Ultralight aviation has been serving people for more than a century now. 

It’s the same case in Nepal as well since Pokhara started the ultralight flying from 1997. Lying in the same old place, the city is just perfect for the activity with all the splendid views and height. 

Flyers will be literally racing to grab all the views till the flight lasts. The scenery offered by Pokhara is beyond imagination varying from tranquil lakes to wildlands and rivers. 

Moreover, there’s a sweeping vista of snow-capped mountains like Annapurna and stunning landscapes. With all this, it hardly makes us doubt on how Ultralight Flying made it in our list of insanely awesome adventures in Nepal. 


For sure it’s fun paragliding and when it takes the speed, it’s even more exciting. One of the most insanely awesome adventures in Nepal, paragliding is all about free flying. 

The idea of parahawking was first set in motion at Pokhara in 2007. From the time since then, the city has taken the activity to commercial and constantly upscaled it. 

There’s a continuous energy and momentum involved in the adventure. The rising flight and speed depends on the wind directed upward. Meanwhile, the pilot steers the flight along with the length in a sloppy area with the help of air. 

Heli Skiing 

There may be anxiety and fraught going on as the helicopter flies away. But then you’ll feel better in no time with the excitement to glance at snow-capped mountains and shimmering glaciers. 

Heli skiing is a grand retreat and Nepal has pretty much excelled in offering the luxurious adventure. There are ample places here with endless terrains covered in snow where you can enjoy skiing.

Aside from skiing, you can also take a look at the magnetic view of Everest, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, all of which popular with heli skiing 

Zip Flyer 

If you’re tired of seeking fun through water sports and wants to try something different then Zip Line it is. And fortunately Nepal does have enough places which offer the adventure including Pokhara.

With an inclination of 56 degrees, Pokhara makes the steepest and also longest zipline in the world. The launch site of the Zipflyer is just next-door from Pokhara lakeside and takes 30 minutes of drive. 

The highest speed you can hit up to during zip-line in Pokhara is 120km per hour. If you aren’t satisfied with that or want to have an alternative then try out for the adventure in Dhulikhel. 

Jungle Safari

Nepal has always been home to countless wildlife reserves and national parks. Without letting it be contaminated, these places have preserved the biodiversity and rare wild species all these years. 

Thankfully, these places including Chitwan National Park have allowed people to watch all the incredible wildlife as a part of jungle safari. You can watch more than 700 species of fauna alone in Chitwan which has been inhabited by these animals for years. 

Furthermore, there are unique vegetation and birds of more than 543 species including Bengal Florican which you can watch anytime and at any day of the year. I am sure this makes Chitwan National Park sound to be a totally awesome adventure. 

Fishing in White Water River

Just because it’s exhilarating flying in the sky doesn’t mean it’s no fun fishing. For sure it takes more time than any other adventures and you need to have patience but the reward is sufficiently good. 

Without a doubt, fast-flowing rivers are the speciality of Nepal and there are ample of them which offer fishing. But the pleasure of fishing in White Water River is astonishing and nowhere to be found. 

Tamur River is one of the finest white water rivers provided by Nepal where visitors can enjoy fishing. The river is located in eastern Nepal and starts flowing from around Kanchenjunga. 

The wide species of fish to be found in Tamur River differs from Golden Mahseer to Trout and Catfish. Other options for fishing in white water rivers in Nepal include Sun Koshi and Bhote Koshi which also proffers kayaking and rafting for adventure. 

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