How do Real-Life Casinos Compare to their Online Counterparts?

Live casinos have existed since around 1638, when the Casino di Venezia opened on the Grand Canal in Venice. However, it was more recently, in 1996, when online casinos began to emerge.

Online casinos are now very popular. In fact, since 2009, the industry has experienced growth of 146%, with over 5.5 million UK residents regularly iGaming online.

What makes this pastime so popular here is that people are confident in playing online and that online casinos is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

How do Real-Life Casinos Differ to Online Ones?

They differ pretty immensely, which can be seen when looking at the positives and negatives of each. What’s clear is that online casinos do have a lot going for them.

Players love them because they’re convenient. It’s possible to play at them anywhere from a smartphone, there aren’t any travel costs, and you don’t have to wear a fancy outfit to play at one.

Gamers don’t feel obliged to spend longer playing, like they would a real casino, so they can have their money’s worth if they’ve had to travel. Plus, players can interact with other players and dealers online, just like they would at a real casino.

Another massive reason they’re so popular is the excellent choice of games they offer and all the themes that go with this. Great software providers are now designing hugely popular online games that work alongside other perks. These include free spins, bonuses, more pay lines, and better RTP rates.

Bonuses at online casinos are much better, which is one reason for their popularity. While players at real casinos are restricted to their initial bankroll, online casinos usually double, triple, or quadruple their opening deposits and offer VIP programs. 

These kinds of incentives are offered because online casinos make much more revenue than their land-based counterparts. They use them to compete in quite a saturated market. 

Players also love placing bets online as they have better odds of winning than a land-based casino. Equally, payouts are usually higher. For specific games, the house rules are more favourable, so the chances of winning are more significant. 

There are several lesser-known reasons why online casinos beat bricks and mortar equivalents, as well. Unlike a live casino, where dealers are restricted to working at a certain speed, online casinos don’t suffer from this issue. 

This means players can enjoy some games at a quicker pace. It’s also possible to play multiple games when playing online, even from several different casinos. And, of course, there are many ways to deposit and withdraw cash as well.

Compared to the many benefits of online casinos, there seem to be many downsides to playing at live venues in comparison. Firstly, they greatly lack the number of games on offer, and wagers are usually more expensive, with less favourable odds.

Another downside to bricks and mortar casinos is the fact that accessibility is relatively poor. Many players will have to travel a fair distance to get there, which may be even worse if traffic is awful. Additionally, a player may feel compelled to play longer as a result.

Some experienced players aren’t fans of live venues, as games are restricted to the speed of the human dealer or croupier. Plus, these players cannot play multiple games at once, which they can do online. 

For the less experienced players, real casinos can be intimidating. All games have to be wagered on, unlike online ones, which are free to play on some sites. 

Other downsides to playing at a live venue are the restricted payment methods usually offered. Not to mention that a formal dress code is generally required, making the whole experience a lot of effort.

Despite the downsides, Live Casinos have Benefited from a Resurgence More Recently. 

The main reason for this is that online casinos cannot replicate the buzz, excitement and ambience of a real casino. 

The same goes for the social element that a real casino offers. Players love to interact with their friends and other players, as well as dealers. There’s a chance to meet new friends and see, in certain games, if other players are bluffing by reading their facial expression.

Some players prefer live casinos as they believe security to be tighter there than online. Players can use real clips as a form of payment, offering peace of mind. Plus, real casinos are closely regulated, unlike many bogus sites online, which are fraudulent.

Real casinos are somewhat better at promoting responsible iGaming as well. Players are less likely to spend as vast amounts as they could online at the click of a button. 

Other things that online casinos cannot rival are the entertainment options offered at some live venues. The best tend to offer luxury dining, concerts, comedian performances and even shops!

A final reason why live casinos are making a comeback is that players can usually take out all their winnings at once, which isn’t typically possible online. 

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