How To Live Good With a Casino Dealer and Why?

Let us give you some advice on how to make your casino dealer like you. If they’re happy with you, they’ll be more likely to help out and look out for you at the table. There are numerous reasons why it’s important that your casino dealers are not mad at you! If you want to play in the casino, you better read this one carefully.

Who Is a Casino Dealer?

Casino dealer is a person who is responsible for distributing cards to players at the table and performs basic housekeeping functions such as removing empty glasses, collecting discarded cards (also known as “shoe”), and operating a shuffling machine. If you enter the casino it is unavoidable to meet one, and they will be around for your whole casino night. Casino dealers are often called croupiers in some countries or areas of North America.

Generally, they wear elegant clothes and have a very important role in the casino. In many casinos, dealers are employees of the casino and not independent contractors. This is mainly due to gambling laws that require games be conducted by people who can collect money for themselves as well as for the house (i.e., they cannot touch or handle any cards).

You need to know that not only you are under the constant observation of the cameras but casino employees as well. They work long shifts, and they are in contact with huge amounts of cash. It is a stressful job, because they need to be always alert and aware of their surroundings, suspicious people may try to rob them.

The computer system will usually show a visual representation (on the screen) of what is happening on that table in real-time – including which cards have been dealt out during each hand as well as any bets made then collected by the dealer.

Don’t think that in the online casino there are no dealers at all, if you choose live online poker, you can join a virtual experience with the real dealer in front of the camera, and you in front of your computer or mobile screen. Be as polite as you will be in a live casino.


Very important thing is tipping your dealer. You can feel free to give less or more, but if you want your dealer to be happy and like you, it is better to show good behavior. However do not expect that they will help you win the game. In fact they will try to make you lose. They need to take care of their house budget, not yours. 

The best practice is to concentrate on your game, do not let other people distract you. If something happens and they take care of the money for you, it would be nice if you give a little tip.

If the dealer likes you, he or she might help you by providing some advice for your future games. Being kind to them will make your experience better and their work easier.

Hold your emotions

Don’t ever be angry with a dealer that you lose the game. They are not the one who decides if you will win or lose. Many of them are willing to let you win all the time, but this is not why they are hired by the casino. Being angry at them will only lead to a bad atmosphere or make yourself get kicked out of the casino by security.

Why should you be nice to a casino dealer?

Things that will make you lose at the tables, even if you’re lucky enough to have a great hand are sometimes connected with how you treat casino staff. Dealers are the people who will be working at your table and they can make or break a game. 

They’re also part of what’s called “the house”, so you need to treat them with respect as well! They have the power to kick you out of the casino or to even ban you from playing. Moreover, the house will almost always be on their side when you want to argue with dealers. Sometimes it is better to just grin and  bear it than to fight with them. 

Dealers are not just simple people who come to work for a living and get paid in cash everyday like many might think. They have stories, feelings, ambitions – they can be your best friend and someone that will help make your experience at the table as good as it could possibly be. 

Many of them are young people who work in the casino as a side gig while they work on other careers. They need the money to pay for rent, food and getting by in life. Casino employees are people too! You wouldn’t want someone talking about you behind your back or being mean to you at a job – casino dealers deal with hundreds of people all day long – some good, some bad. 

Almost the same rules apply to your contact with bookmakers, so read this article once more before your journey to bookmaker shop and placing bets on Euro2021 games. 


In short, you should be nice and have a good relationship with the dealer. They need to feel that they are doing the right job and not just counting money for nothing. This will make their work easier and more fun, which can help you in your games too! 

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