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To Norwegians, “friluftsliv” is a key part of life. The word is an amalgamation of the Norwegian words for “free,” “air,” and “life.” Basically, it’s about returning to nature. With so many beautiful outdoor environments in Norway, from fjords to mountains, it’s easy to see why Norwegians value their local nature so much. You can immerse yourself in the natural environment further by engaging with some fun and thrilling outdoor activities. Here are five adventures you can embark on.

Kayak Among Breathtaking Fjords

There’s perhaps no better place on earth to go kayaking than Norway. You can paddle on lakes, rivers, and the ocean. But the best place to kayak is among Norway’s mighty fjords. Get up close and personal with nature on a deep-fjord like the Sognefjord, the Hardangerfjord or the UNESCO sites Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, all of which are surrounded by stunning mountains.

Go Zip Lining at High Speeds

Thrills come in many forms. You can get a rush playing video games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or playing live blackjack in real-time at an online live casino. But if you want a thrilling experience to make you feel really alive, there’s perhaps no better outdoor adventure than zip lining. You get to fly through the air safely secured to a zip line, and there are numerous settings available to do the activity in Norway, such as cities, forests, mountains, and fjords. The longest and best zip line in the country is located in the scenic village of Flåm. The 4,530-foot zip line offers spectacular views, but the scenery is sure to pass by swiftly, as you can potentially reach a speed of 62 miles per hour!

Ice Fish Among Frozen Beauty

Fishing opportunities are abundant all-year-round in Norway, but if you want to try a fishing activity that you can’t do in hotter climates, ice fishing comes highly recommended. The activity involves fishing with lines and hooks or spears through a hole in a frozen body of water. Norway is home to more than 450,000 freshwater lakes, and many become frozen over in the wintertime, so you will not be short of beautiful locations to choose from. With stunning fjords and the chance to spot whales and see the Northern Lights while you fish in the wilderness, the activity of ice fishing goes way beyond the thrill of trying to catch the biggest fish.

Climb Mountain Stairs

Many people go to Norway to see the country’s many breathtaking mountains, but if you really want to experience them in all their glory, you’ll want to climb them. Climbing Norway’s mountains is certainly a leg-worker, but you’ll be rewarded by stunning views once you reach the top. The great thing about Norway’s mountains is many of them have built-in wooden or stone steps. That makes it safer to climb and it also protects the regions’ vulnerable wildlife. One of the best places is the Flørli stairs in Lysefjord. With 4,444 steps, it’s one of the longest wooden stairways on the planet.

Dog Sled in the Snowy Wilderness

If you’ve ever watched movies where the protagonists make their escape by dog sledding across snowy landscapes and you’ve thought to yourself, “I’d love to do that,” you can make your dream become a reality in Norway during the winter months. Each year, the Scandinavian country hosts two world-famous dog sled races: Femundløpet and Finnmarksløpet. But you do not need to compete in races to feel the thrill of being pulled through the white wilderness by huskies. There are several operators in Norway that provide dog sledding experiences. You can either enjoy the view as a passenger or try your hand as a musher and steer your own pack of canine pals.

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