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When you go travelling one of the most important things you need on your checklist are what tech your going to bring with you. I have a set routine now every time I hit the road because without making sure I have all my essential gear with me I wouldn’t be able to work or stay in contact with my friends.


Of course one of the main concerns is that you might lose your most prized and expensive tech when you travel, but I have never encountered any issues so far and I have been travelling for a number of years now.   One key tip is to buy a decent bag that will protect all of your valuables when travel, don’t try to cut back when it comes to buying a good bag because it will give you piece of mind each time you see your bag take a knock on trains and buses.

Here’s my list of three pieces of technology I couldn’t travel without:


A laptop is essential for me because it allows me to work and travel. Without it I simply wouldn’t be able to travel for so long, being able to keep the pennies coming in whilst in remote places makes travel so much more easy.

Smart Phone

Smart phones fulfil so many purposes these days. They allow you to snap pictures, take notes, check in for flights and have access the internet whenever you pick up some wifi. Usually your laptop will be packed in your bag so having the phone in your pocket always makes it handy to access the internet. It also allows me to call home whenever I can, I use Cherry Call to stay in touch with everyone because it’s so convenient.


Who wouldn’t travel without a camera? Ok, so you might have a fantastic memory that allows you to remember all those fantastic sites, but you know what having precious memories saved on to film is essential. Depending on your budget you can either get super camera or budget, but personally my favourite is a pocket sized camera because it doesn’t draw to much attention and is easy to use.

What did you think about my list? I would love to hear your travel stories and what technology that you simply can’t survive with our when you jet off on your travels. All you have to do is put your thoughts and tips down in the comment section below this article, I can’t wait to read them all!


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