The United States of America is still every traveler’s dream destination.

Whether for business purposes or tourism, there’s a lot to excite one about America. For first-time visitors, however, this excitement can be shrouded by a mist of confusion.

On the one hand, you’re confused about visas.

  • Should I apply for a Type-B, ESTA USA, or an F-1?
  • Will I even be granted a visa?
  • Ok, ESTA USA seems great. But am I qualified for the ESTA application?

On the other hand, you’re struggling to pick out the perfect destination.

  • Should I head to Vegas
  • New York seems popular, that should be great
  • Or maybe New Orleans

We understand you’re overwhelmed. Let us take some of that burden off your shoulder.

Eight best cities in the USA for travelers

1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a place for business people and tourists alike. Whether you’re coming for leisure or for business meetings, you’ll blend just right in.

There’s so much to keep you engaged throughout your stay in the largest city in the Pacific Northwest for people looking for fun. Are you into sightseeing? Prepare to be wowed by towering skyscrapers – the type you probably haven’t seen before. Talk about landscaping and outdoor activities; mountains and hiking grounds in Seattle are abundant.

For the business minds, you’ll find enough entrepreneurial settings to hold your meetings, meet corporate professionals, and network however way you see fit.

Please note that the fastest way to visit Seattle is to apply for ESTA. ESTA application takes only 72 hours to be issued. It’s faster and likelier to be granted than traditional visa schemes. Choose ESTA USA today.

2. San Francisco

Although San Francisco may not be the best entrepreneurial hub in the USA, it’s still a peaceful place with a very low crime rate. This makes it a reasonable choice for someone looking to continue working remotely while in the US.

That said, San Francisco’s biggest selling point is in its leisure, photography, and tourism experiences. If you’re a traveler looking for the best tourism experiences in the US, you can’t go wrong with San Francisco.

Amongst the list of good points scored by San Francisco includes:

  • Cheap and tourist-friendly transport systems
  • Plenty of open spaces for outdoor activities
  • Picture-perfect destinations for photography-loving travelers
  • Unbeatable mix of culture. Here you’ll find people from all over the world, including Japanese, Africans, Chinese, Mexican, Europeans, and others. Of course, you can find this sort of diversity in other cities, too. But the ratio in San Francisco is just TERRIFIC.

Again, ESTA USA is the best way to visit San Francisco. The permit authorization is usually very fast. And a great priority is given to tourists.

3. Portland, Oregon

Oregon is big on small-town vibes. Don’t get it twisted, though; it’s also a large city like the rest on this list. Here, you’ll find classy bars that are not too expensive. You’ll find nightlife that doesn’t hurt your budget. And there are lots of sports and outdoor activities to get you going, too.

What you’ll find most interesting about Portland are the street events and food festivals. They hold such events like every other day here.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

From the moment you hop down from your flight and walk down the queue toward the custom agents verifying your ESTA application, you can tell what a modern city Charleston is. Driving to your destination from the airport, you will be greeted by happy locals at every turn, colorful architecture at every gaze, and a string of historical sites everywhere you look!

Did you know the first golf club in America was founded in Charleston in 1787? Yes, it was.

By and large, some people call it the home of modern architecture and beautiful aesthetics. I call it the food, art, history, and culture home.

There’s no better place than Charleston if you’re into sightseeing, photography, and all of that stuff. The city looks so colorful and flamboyant that newcomers often compare it to a drawing in a book. Don’t believe me? Submit your ESTA application today and book your flight in three days’ time to come see for yourself.

5. New York City

Arguably one of the most popular cities in the world, you definitely don’t want to visit the US and not come here.

The prestige, the pride, and the memory you create just by standing in one of America’s most iconic cities is enough to last a lifetime. News Flash, not many are lucky to visit New York in their lives.

But with your ESTA application duly issued, you have a chance to become a part of the lucky few.

In terms of entertainment, NYC is renowned for its booze, jazz, nightlife, music, and live bands. Heck, there are approximately 25,000 entertainment establishments in NYC. Strongly doubt any city in the world can match that number.

Like that isn’t enough, it’s reported that approximately 1445 Parties & Nightlife Events in New York.

Whether you’ve come to the US for business or to tour other cities, making a stop at NYC should be atop your priority list. Trust me; you’ll be happy you did.

6. New Orleans

The United States’ culture and history also has some room for magic, spirituality, and all of those stuff. And you know where the heart of that is?

New Orleans.

Renowned as the place where Voodoo came into America, New Orleans will leave you wowed on the spot. If you’re big on history and events of old times, this is the place to come.

Of course, the city has every trace of modernization you can expect of a major American city. But the major talking points are its history and culture.

Locals here are big on culture and events, which is made evident in their annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras.

You’ll also find historic architectures here, including the age-long French Quarter city – a part renowned for its French and Spanish Creole architecture.

And then there’s “BOURBON STREET” – a place where the party never ends. A place packed with crowds of revelers, live music, neon lights, booze, and many more.

7. Florida

Florida is all about entertainment, too, albeit in a unique way.

Here, you have your fun at beaches, parks, and thematic spots. Talk about passing the day at pristinely white beaches and spending the night at bustling nightclubs. It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.

Most people believe Florida is perfect for all seasons, but I’m a strong advocate for visiting the Sunshine State when you’re on vacation. You know, like when you have no care in the world, when nothing matters, when you just want to get away.

That period… That time…. is when you want to come here.  

8. Las Vegas

Hardly will you find a listicle like this that doesn’t mention the Entertainment Capital of the World. When it comes to fun, entertainment, gambling, money-making, networking, and nightlife, no place in the US beats Vegas.

You must have heard names like The Strip, the Bellagio, or the Venetian Gondola. Even if you’ve never heard such names, you must have seen sights of them in American movies. Heck, Hollywood loves Vegas. As one post on LA Times rightly puts it, “Vegas, Hollywood – a Match Made for the Big Screen.”

It is true Vegas’ biggest selling point is its casinos, but you must know that there’s more to the city than that. Las Vegas is a lively city where you’ll never run out of fun things to do.


America has something for everyone. It’s up to you to find a city that best resonates with you.

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