I’ve met travelers from all corners of the globe, all with varying personalities, each traveling to different places for different reasons, and with vastly different budgets. In spite of these differences however, there is one thing beyond travel that all of those people I met have in common, and that is a shared desire to save as much money as possible when it comes to flying. 

Over the years I have heard of, blogged about and attempted numerous ways of shaving the costs off flights as I chased the dream of traveling to every country in the world. I’ve used different VPNs, booked 56 days before the date of travel, waited until the last minute, got in early, joined credit card and loyalty programs, and even tried and failed to become an ambassador of some of my fave airlines to bag some freebies! The rate of success on these ideas has been hit and miss, but all of that changed when I discovered Flyline, an innovative approach to air travel which is going to save you hundreds of dollars on your flights. 

I’m sure you are all a tad skeptical at this point ‘travel blogger shares awesome way to save cash’ is a well trodden path after all, but I don’t put my name to anything which isn’t legit, and that is why I have to share with you how good this company is and show you just how much money you can save, check it out. 

How FlyLine Works

The first thing to say is that this is a membership program and in order to make the most of the cost savings which FlyLine can offer, you need to be a fully paid-up member, I’ll get to the pricing shortly. What FlyLine is able to offer its members in exchange for a subscription however is monster savings by selling fares at wholesale prices. In the past the only people with access to these bargain basement prices were the travel agents, who of course added their own little slice on top. Now us travelers can cut out the middle man and go straight to the source of those cheap fares, and the best thing is that FlyLine offer zero markup on these fares. 

The website has a very simple search tool which scans over 250 airlines to bring you the best options for where you want to go, simply search, compare and save. 

Interlining, What We’ve All Been Waiting For 

Using online aggregators is great but what it has always lacked is the ability to combine two different airlines on a single trip, especially when they are not partnered. There are loads of times that I’ve had to spend hours digging through one-way fare prices and comparing them with return fights on the same airline, or weighing up the one-way fares of multiple airlines, all of which is time-consuming and annoying work. FlyLine have the perfect solution to this with their smart software which interlines flights for you virtually, offering a single fare using multiple airlines, partners or not. This is not only a tool which is going to save you loads of time, it is also another way in which FlyLine can offer you some big savings too. 


I’m pretty sure I could wax lyrical about this for a few thousand words but many of you would still be unsure, as was I when I heard about the potential savings. To convince you just how good this service is I want to show you a couple of examples of prices, so you can see first hand what there is in store when you sign up.

Let’s kick off with a flight from Nashville to Amsterdam, a great European hub airport with links across Europe and Africa.

As you can see from the graphic above, FlyLine’s best price for this route was $503 which is already looking a great price. If we compare that to Kayak for example, their best price was $677, $173 away! That is a huge savings to make and it equals a return on membership fees of x2.88! 
Let’s assume you want to go from Nashville to Amsterdam on a different date. 
Now this is where it really gets interesting, travel just 4 days later and count on a bargain price of $484. On those dates Kayak offer the internet’s best deal at $677 giving you a massive $193 saving, which works out at 3.86 times your membership fee, a single flight and you get your money back, so impressive! 
Let’s switch things up a bit and see if we can find some more savings, this time let’s get away from the searing heat of Phoenix, Arizona, and indulge in the rich culture of Rome, Italy.
First off let’s check this out with Kayak and see what kind of prices they have to fly out on the 2nd of November this year:
Incredible, Kayak’s best deal comes in at a mega $3366, let’s see if FlyLine can do better than that for us.
Boom, FlyLine deliver big on this one with a basement price of $492, a whopping $2,874 cheaper than the internet’s best deal. Let’s be honest that first price would make people decide on another location but FlyLine can make it possible. In terms of the saving you’ll have made, that’s more than 57 times what you’ll have paid for membership! 
Let’s take a look at one last example, Calls Fort Worth to gorgeous Dublin in Ireland, for one week in April of this year. 
Kayak have this at $764 which in reality is a decent price for this route, despite this, FlyLine are still able to beat it, albeit by just $18. This may not sound like much but a saving is a saving and that $18 will ensure at least 2 pints of Guinness for free upon arrival! 
There are hundreds more examples which I could show you, but I think you get the point of just how much can be saved through this program. 


FlyLine offers a free 14 day trial which you can use to see for yourself just how much there is to be saved here, following that you’ll have the choice to join up as a member, or let these savings go to waste.
Once the trial is up you’ll have 2 choices for membership, there’s the Basic plan which costs $49.99 per year but is restricted to just 6 trips and can only be used by one person. Alternatively you could opt for the Premium which is $79.99 per year and offers unlimited bookings and a companion account which can be used by a friend, family member or partner. 


To conclude, I want to remind you of the epic benefits which this membership will give you, and why you mustn’t miss out. 
  • Wholesale prices which can’t be found elsewhere
  • Interlining software saving you time and money 
  • Easy search tool to find flights
  • Works with over 250 airlines
  • Deal alerts for your favorite destinations
  • Automatic check-in
  • Cheapest international travel prices online 80% of the time
  • Filter results by date, airline, price limits
  • No extra fees, no catches, no cancellations, just great savings

Seriously guys, this is the ultimate hack to saving big money when you fly around the world, and it is only going to continue to get better, sign up now and give yourself the chance to visit all the places you’ve been dreaming of, without needing a mega budget. 

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