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Having the perfect smile is something that we all aspire to these days. Are TVs, magazines and billboards are full of people who have a glistening white smile. The good news is that we can all have that perfect smile because teeth whitening is becoming increasingly affordable.


I can speak from experience when it comes to teeth whitening. In the past, in fact ever since I can remember, I was conscious of my smile because I didn’t really think my teeth were white enough. I am sure that nearly everyone can relate to how shy or unconfident this can make you feel. Having a perfect set of white teeth increases your confidence no end, which can have several knock on effects; more willing to engage with others, more confidence at work and even much more confidence when it comes to meeting ‘the one.’

I had my teeth whitened about 6 months ago in Sydney and I noticed how different I felt as soon as I smiled at myself in the mirror. Teeth whitening in Sydney is so good I knew I would be happy with the results. Trust me when I say that you will spend a lot of time smiling at yourself after you get them done! Just having a normal conversation with friends or work colleagues instantly changed because I felt massively more confident.

It’s not only me that has noticed the difference but also my friends. Several of my close friends and family have commented how I seem to have a new lease of life; the funny thing is that they couldn’t really put their finger on why this was the case. When I told them I had my teeth whitened of course the instantly noticed.

It’s a simple procedure, which is so affordable these days I think everyone who lacks a little confidence with their smile should do. After a couple of hours in the dentist chair you will walk away feeling like a new person and smiling at absolutely everything!

Have you had your teeth whitened recently or are you considering it? I’d love to hear your thoughts guys. All you have to do is pop your comments down in the box below, I can’t wait to read them.


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