The online roulette game is a well-known entertainment in which many users like to spend their free time. According to statistics, this game is in second place after slot machines. The rules of the game are simple, and every player will quickly grasp the essence.

Features of the Roulette Game

In the game, on the roulette wheel, the player can see 37 or 38 numbered cells. All bets are placed in the field, on the ruled table. The cells are numbered from 0 to 36.

The player is only required to guess the very cell, where the ball will fall.

Additionally, the player may be able to bet on large groups of numbers and receive rewards according to the odds table.

Winning Strategies

The player can use roulette strategies that can bring more winnings. Each strategy does not carry a guarantee of constant winnings, and the player needs to keep the results under control. 

The player can try to apply the following strategies:

  • The Martingale strategy. The player needs to make the minimum bet, and then, increase it twice if the round is losing. After a winning round, the player needs to return to the minimum bet;
  • Reverse Martingale. The meaning of this strategy is that the player doubles the bet only after the winning round;
  • The strategy of increasing the initial bet. In this strategy, the player smoothly increases the size of the bet. The amount of the bet is equal to the size of the original bet. After losing rounds, the player increases the size of the bet. Once the player has a winning round, the bet should be reduced.

To perform bets on the above strategies, the player needs to plan the budget, and competently divide it.

To play online roulette canada according to strategies, the user needs to keep control of the following:

  • devote a few hours of time to the game to understand how it works;
  • plan the budget;
  • control emotions;
  • analyze results.

In the process of the game, the user creates an individual strategy that is based on his own experience.

Additionally, the player can try to use strategies in demo mode, to get good training, and see the workability of the schemes. In demo mode, the player will not be able to withdraw his winnings. To be able to withdraw his winnings, the player needs to run roulette for real money.

Pros and Cons of the Roulette Demo Mode

Demo roulette mode has the following advantages:

  • the player can run roulette in demo mode an unlimited number of times for free;
  • demo mode works on all devices;
  • the player can thoroughly learn the rules of roulette in practice, without depositing money;
  • the player does not risk anything.


  • the player does not get gambling pleasure, which can only be obtained by participating for real money;
  • it is impossible to win real money and withdraw winnings.

The Best Place to Play Roulette

A player can spend his time with pleasure at King Billy, the best place to compete in roulette. Different types of roulette are available at this casino, among which are:

  • American Roulette;
  • French Roulette;
  • Arabic Roulette.

While we’re at it, we might as well suggest that you sign up at an online casino for money at King Billy. Why? Well, because it helps you keep entertained while on holiday.  The great thing about online casino games is that there is variety, which means you’ll be spoilt for choice. On top of that, if you play online casino Canada real money, you may just land yourself a jackpot, allowing you to spend extra on your vacation.

How to Extend a Player’s Good Luck Streak

The player can adhere to the following tips to increase the winning streak:

  • The user should try to play online roulette using a small number of values in the field: from 3 to 5. The player, with this tactic, can be in the black for many rounds. When closing half of the field mathematics begins to work after many rounds.
  • The user needs to play “wide”: to close half of the field or even more cells is possible only if it is decided on a short session with any result. The goal of the “wide play” tactic is a small profit for 20-30 rounds. With hundreds of spins, making straight bets on 18+ numbers, it is almost impossible to stay in the black.
  • The player needs to use different equal odds when applying mathematical strategies. In addition to red and black, in one session, the user needs to apply bets on big and small, even and odd. This method protects the player from the temptation to snap and abandon the strategy when the unfavorable color falls five or more times in a row.
  • The user can use roulette with a high rate of rounds. This allows the player to get out of deficit faster by increasing. A good rate is up to 6 seconds per spin. 
  • The player needs to have a reserve of at least 500 initial bets when betting on equal chances if it is planned to use mathematical strategies.
  • The player needs to use the welcome bonus and other specials from the online casino in roulette and try different strategies.
  • The player should always choose the European or French type of roulette. Additionally, the player should try to avoid the American variant, as the presence of an additional sector “double zero” (00) reduces the chances of winning and increases the advantage of the casino.
  • The user should always set limits on the amount of money spent and time at the game.

The user should set up in the first place for a good time at the game of chance. In roulette, there are winnings and losses, and the player should treat both results calmly.

In this casino, the user can run online roulette in Canada and enjoy the game. All games work correctly on desktop and mobile devices. At any second, a player can, having the internet, have fun on the go by running roulette and making bets. In the online institution the games are thoroughly checked and have no bugs. If a player has problems with the Internet, the gambling establishment will automatically put the user to pause in roulette, and the money will not be withdrawn.

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