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Europe is a backpacker’s dream, with so many countries offering such a different range of experiences in such a closely packed area. You can literally go from eating pasta in Italy to speaking French on the Cote d’ Azure in a day, and be on a bus up to Germany for Oktoberfest the day after that. (Although I recommend spending more time in each place to really soak them each in!)

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One of the best parts of traveling Europe is taking advantage of their awesome bus network. Traveling around the continent by bus is seriously one of the most genius transportation systems out there. For one thing, traveling by bus is far cheaper than traveling by train. You could end up paying less than half the cost of a train ticket to ride a bus that usually has a shorter travel time anyway. And Eurolines often puts up sales between different cities, so if you are traveling with a flexible itinerary keep an eye on their site to catch a great deal.

Traveling around Europe by bus is great for travelers who want to be spontaneous and flexible. You don’t always want to commit so far aheadtime to a plane ticket, so bus tickets are great because they don’t increase the closer you get to the departure date. And Eurolines serves more than 500 destinations in 23 European countries, so just about anywhere you might want to go is covered!


A few tips for traveling by bus in Europe:

Buy your Tickets Ahead of Time

While you can definitely wait longer to buy bus tickets than you would for plane tickets, you still want to get them ahead of time if you don’t want to risk waiting all day in the station. With Eurolines you can book your tickets online and print them out before you get to the station.

Bring Snacks

For long bus rides, prepare yourself with sustenance for the ride! The bus will probably stop at a rest station but you never know what the food selection will be like. Stock up beforehand for a happy ride.

Watch your Valuables

This goes under the category of common sense, but is worth mentioning since alot of petty theft seems to center around bus and train travel. Keep an eye on your things at all times, and don’t stow anything too valuable down below with the luggage. Keep your laptop and other electronics with you or above/below your seat for safety purposes, and make sure your purse is with you at all times.

So if you’re off to travel Europe, consider yourself lucky to be in the middle of such a convenient and cheap way to travel in between countries, while getting a good view of the scenery along the way (or a good nap, if that’s what you’re after!)

Happy travels!


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